Self-service Restaurant in the Rhyblicksaal

The Gasthof Solbad once belonged to the company Säurefabrik Schweizerhall and was used by its staff as a canteen. Times have changed and Säurefabrik became the company CABB, now one of the world's leading fine chemical companies.
Left behind is a self-service restaurant for staff of surrounding companies operated by Gasthof Solbad, where you can also enjoy a quick, cheap lunch as a private guest.

Opening times
The self-service restaurant is open from Monday to Friday between 11.30 - 13.30
This part of the restaurant is closed on public holidays

Large salad buffet, soup of the day, desserts
Large hot buffet with different dishes to help yourself to
(Every day two meat or fish dishes, side dishes, vegetables, vegetarian dish, and even the weekly favourite 'Schnipo' (Schnitzel and chips))

Plate from hot buffet with meat/fish CHF 17.50
included is the soup of the day or a salad from the buffet

Vegetarian plate without meat/fish CHF 14.30
including soup of the day or a salad from the buffet

3dl Soft Drinks CHF 3.20
(Coke, Sinalco, Mineral Water, Lemon, Apple Drink, Ice Tea)

Coffee, Espresso, Tea CHF 3.20