In the heart of Basel

the 'Haus zum Schlüssel' (the 'house at the sign of the key') has stood for several centuries. The first documented reference dates back to the year 1306. The more than 200 members of the 'E.E. Zunft zum Schlüssel' ('Honourable Guild at the sign of the key') ensure the upkeep and maintenance of this building steeped in history.

Then and now

It was not so long ago that members of the guild used to meet in their Guild House, dine in their Guild Lounge and hold their parties in the great Guild Hall.
This can still be done today!
Enjoy cuisine by Andreas Uebersax with produce fresh from the market in the elegant 'Zunftstube' G(uild Lounge) with its historic tiled stove, or meet friends and strangers in the comfortable courtyard bistro, at the traditional Parisian-style bar or on the lively boulevard on Freie Strasse.
The great 'Zunftsaal' (Guild Hall) and the 'Vorgesetztenstube' (Upper Lounge) on the top floor are the perfect setting for your celebrations and functions.

Besondere Auszeichnung

Special Award

Praised 'for the Guild House culture maintained over centuries whose history can be experienced in the carefully restored and extended historical lounge where the guest is offered a high quality experience."
ICOMOS Switzerland
Special prize 2009
Historical hotel/restaurant of the year