Feste & Feiern im ältesten Zunfthaus von BaselDeutsche Version

The Vorgesetztenstube

For centuries the upper echelons of the Honourable Guild at the sign of the key have been meeting in the 'Vorgesetztenstube' in order to discuss items on their Guild agenda.
The Lounge with its 'swan tiled stove' is the perfect venue for private or business events between 12 and 30 people.

The Vorgesetztenstube is particularly suitable for the following events
Celebratory lunches or evening meals with a set menu for all guests such as civil weddings, class meetings, business meetings, birthday parties etc. that need to be held in a private setting.
Sittings for smaller groups of up to a maximum of 20 people.

The Vorgesetztenstube is not suitable for the following events
Parties wanting to order à la carte (up to 12 people can dine à la carte or up to 20 people can select from a small menu in the Zunftstube)